Back And Better Than Ever: The International Knight Festival!

Back And Better Than Ever: The International Knight Festival!

Now returning to our new campus is the Knight Festival. The International Knight Festival is an event were we can all come together to celebrate and embrace different cultures that are being represented at the festival. After not having the festival for two years, this is an amazing opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of different countries. The festival is a great way to show off your talents and branch out to make friends and create great bonds. It will showcase marketing, culture, art, fashion and other wonderful activities and events that the students are doing around our school. I interviewed our amazing Mrs. Williams, who is coordinating this event, and here is what she shared with me:

Q: What is the international knight festival? Who is going to be on the committee for planing it?

A: The international Knights Festival (IKF) is an award winning event that celebrates diversity through performances and presentations given by families and staff wishing to share their culture with our school and the community. StuGo and the IKF student led committees kick things off at the beginning of the week leading up to the Friday evening affair through various events such ad a school- wide assembly, door decorating contest, and a fashion show.

Q: When is it? When/ how did this tradition of having the knights festival start/ begin?

A: The week-long activities begin April 4th with the main event occurring outside on the evening of April 8th.

Q: What do you plan to have at the festival? What types of activities and things should students expect to see?

A: There will be family manned booths/ tents where various diverse cultures will be exhibited. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions in order to learn more about each culture. Many people will be dressed in the tradition of their culture. Traditional foods will be shared. Connections and friends will be made. There will be various performances that also represent various cultures on the main stage. School clubs are also invited to participate by manning a table and/or leading carnival style games. This thing is really about building community and celebrating our vast diversity here at ACP.

Q: How can you get involved to help with the panning and preparation? Can any students start helping out?

A: Students can get involved by joining the Google Classroom for news and information by entering this join code: bpxqhj5.

Q: How is this year’s festival going to be different with the limitations of Covid and the new campus? How will it be different from the last festival?

A: I’m hopeful that well have turned a corner on this virus by then, but if not, well be following the precaution protocols set up by district. If our initial committee sign-up meeting is any indication, I would say that it will be much bigger than it was in the past, which makes sense because we are on a bigger campus now. However, we do want to stay true to the overall ACP feeling of community and togetherness that a smaller school provided, and I am certain that this festival will help to maintain those special connections that come from being a part of the tight-knit community that is ACP High school.

The Knight Festival is going to be such a fun, welcoming event, and everyone should try to come. This festival is a way we can all share a part of us whether it be with your culture, art, fashion or something different. This is a perfect opportunity for people to get to know each other better. Also, by giving people around us knowledge of other things out of their comfort zone or things they are not used to will expand their horizon. If you would like to be involved in this project, go on the website or talk to Mrs. Williams via email or directly to get in on the fun. Hopefully you’ll join us at the International Knight Festival! Go Knights!