The International Club at ACPHS


Culture. The very definition of diversity. So many different foods, languages, traditions, and holidays that I’m sure not many people know a lot about. Luckily, we have a club focused on teaching others about cultures different from their own: The International Club. The club has about 15 people and the main goal of the club is to educate others on various cultures. The way they do this is by making a presentation on a specific culture and then do an activity from that culture. During the meeting I attended, they were talking about Japan – its religion, food, language, and all other famous aspects of Japan’s culture. They then did an activity that originated from Japan, ;which was Origami, folding paper in a certain way to make a shape like a crane. This was interesting because I had no idea what the club would be about, and it was fascinating. I never knew much about Japan outside of the big things, so seeing some of the smaller, lesser-known information about Japan was fascinating and very educational.

Culture is an important part of a person’s individuality, and the diversity in the world, and I think that The International Club does a great job at celebrating our amazing diversity among our students. Go Knights!