Jinoo Park: A musical Genius!


Fourteen-year-old freshman, Jinoo Park, has won second place for the Young Artist 1 Division at the Chicago International Music Competition four his outstanding performance in violin. This is really incredible and we are so proud to have one of our very own Knights take home the title of second place. Music is a very important part of life and I know that without, it the world would be lost. I used to play violin myself so I understand how difficult it is. Kudos to you Jinoo, I know we are all very proud of you! To gain insight into his experience, I interviewed Jinoo about his amazing accomplishment.

Q: What was your favorite aspect about the convention?

A: My favorite thing was being able to to compete with people who are also on the same level as me.

Q: What was the competition for?

A: In my division it was for many instruments like the clarinet and violin. It was excited to show my skills and talents to other people.

Q: At what level did you place?

A: I got second place in the junior division which is for 13-14-year-olds.

Q: How was your experience, and how did you feel?

A: I was very nervous but also excited because I had to video tape myself playing and then turn it in. But I was also very excited to be able to do this.

Q: What was going through your head when you were waiting for your results?

A: I felt a lot of adrenaline and was scared to find out how I did.

Overall, Jinoo achieved second place in the Chicago International Music Convention and deserves to be recognized. Playing an instrument in general is already challenging, let alone performing in front of judges. Doing something like this can also help improve your resume and can help to look good for college applications. Furthermore, it can give you a push to get over fears of being in front of people and performing in front of an audience. The sound that an instrument makes is very beautiful and ensures that all the hard work and practice was worth it. Congratulations, Jinoo. Your Knight family is very proud of you!