Voice Of The Freshmen, Divya Natarajan


Having a say in local government is important since we have such a large community.  We all cannot be in meetings, so we elect representatives to speak for us.   The Arizona Department of Education recently elected members of the Student Advisory Council, a student-run committee that helps the students of Arizona have a say in the Department of Education’s meetings . One of our very own Knights, Divya Natarajan from the class of 2025, is a part of the council. We asked her about what it’s like to be on the council and how she was selected:

Divya Natarajan

Q: What is the job of the student advisory council?

A: My job in the Student Advisory Committee is to discuss issues that are important to students and communities in Arizona. We also plan events to increase the involvement of students in education.

Q: How do you get picked? What’s the process for it?

A: In order to serve on the council, I had to fill out an application. After this was submitted, I was called in for an interview. The people on the selection committee would evaluate the applications and choose a certain amount of people in the whole state to have an interview. Once the interview was completed, I had received an email telling me that I had been selected to serve on the council.

Q: Why do you want to be a part of the council? How did you hear about it?

A: I really wanted to serve on the council because I have always loved collaborating with others advocating for change. I was a Student Council Representative for five years, and I enjoyed the opportunity of being able to represent my class. I also enjoy creating positive changes that can benefit my peers.

Q: What makes the council so important? How many other members are in the council?

A: This council is important becuase it represents the students of Arizona. There are about 20 students from grades five through twelve. All these students are from various parts of Arizona. This council is a great way to hear about experiences at different schools.


Having a voice in the local government is important, and we are proud of Divya for taking the initiative and joining the Student Advisory Council to help her classmates and friends in getting what they want for their learning experience. And if you would like to contact the council to submit an idea or apply for next year, you can click here. As always, remember to strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary!