The New Classes That Have Been Added At ACP

This school year has brought many changes with it, like a new campus, lots of new people, and new challenges. Along with that, many classes have been added or will be added here at school.

One of the classes I’m most excited about this year is culinary. From what I’ve been told this school has never had a culinary class students can take. Culinary Class is a place where you can learn not only how to make food but different cultures and different foods from around the world. You will also learn the basic skills of cooking and how to make the best dishes.  It is going to be a fun welcoming environment so try it out! I know I am looking forward to taking it next year.

Another class they have introduced is biotechnology. Biotechnology is where you use technology to experiment and utilize bacteria and other living organisms to develop or create products. One of my friends is taking this class and they really like it. They say it is a fun, welcoming learning environment. Biotechnology is a class for anyone who loves to experiment and test on things.

Also, a new class that has been added is sports med. I have Interviewed a student named Bailey, who is in sports medicine.

Q: Are you planning on going into a career that revolves around taking this class?

A: I have learned about the requirements to become an athletic trainer so this class will help me prepare for it.

Q: What do you like most about sports medicine? 

A: I like that it is laid back but also focused on academics.

Q: Do you have friends or made any friends in your class?

A: Yes, I have gone into this class with friends and have come out of it with a lot too.

This year they have also added on-level classes, which is an exciting because few on-level classes were offered at the Erie campus.  On-level classes are not honors or AP level, but classes where you learn the standards for your grade at the speed that is best for you. This is very beneficial for those of us who struggle in math.

Overall, there have been many exciting changes that have really made us grow and expand here at school. There will be many trials and tribulations, but we will get through them together because our Knight family is always here for you! Helping Hand Loan - IH Credit Union