Opinions on the New Campus

Opinions on the New Campus

Ever since ACP Erie became ACP High School, many of the students and teachers have responded positively to their new surroundings. Bigger classrooms, 85-inch TVs, and hallways that aren’t outside; there were lots of aspects of our new “island” that a lot of people liked. But while there are unquestionably pleasant remarks, there is also some reluctance to change. One of these is that the campus is a bit too big and one can get easily lost. Either way, we all know that it’ll take time to get used to such a big school after coming from a small location. Personally, I really like this campus, and while I do miss our outside hallways, I’m happy that some of my friends get to experience the new classes that have been implemented this year, and they really seem to like it! But, enough about me, let’s take a look at some of our Knights’ opinions.

Vastancia G.

Vastancia Garcia, a freshman at

Evie Henry

our school, has said that she liked the purple and black color scheme of the walls and it’s pretty easy for her to get around using the signs that are taped near the corners of each hallway.

Evie Henry, an 11th grader, commented that the new school is “a lot” compared to our tiny, humble abode last year, but despite that, she also mentioned that it was

Caitlin Soelberg

“really exciting” to be at a new campus, and be the first junior class to attend ACP High School. Caitlin Soelberg, a member of StuGO(Student Government) and also a junior stated that there were “new opportunities this year, which makes my high school experience a little bit scary, but also interesting. I also adore the space in our classrooms for more activities, it’s nice not being cramped almost six hours straight.” I’m also really happy to have more room in our classrooms and have more upcoming classes that are going to be added next year.

All in all, despite the the excitement and changes, I think that we can all agree that this year is going to be like no other. It’s going to take time for the returning students to get used to our new student life, and it’ll certainly be a thrill for our new students to get to experience first-hand history. Like Mr. Bickes said, we’re a family, a community. We may not know every single Knight in this school, but there’s no doubt there’s some affinity between each and every one of us.