ACPs Fourth Quarter Spirit Week


Hey Knights!  Last week was Spirit Week and our students came out and shared their spirit very well. With so many people taking different approaches on what they could wear for each day, there was never a dull moment.

Monday was class color day and that meant all of the classes wore their designated color for the day. Many students were wearing any class shirts they have, while others took their own inspiration and dressed up in color. It was nice to see many of the students all showing their class pride.

Tuesday was “Beach day” and that meant wearing your dad’s old beach shirt he hasn’t worn in almost a decade.  Many students were wearing swim shorts and beach shirts with sunglasses, with some wearing lifeguard jackets. It was fun to see some students go all out and fully embrace what you should look like when you go to the beach!

Wednesday was “Athletic/Sports Day” and students came wearing their favorite team’s sports jerseys representing their teams and their favorite players. Others wore their uniforms for the school’s team or a club team; it gave a glimpse of each person’s interests and who they supported in which sport.

Thursday was “Career Day” and this was the day that students dressed up in their dream careers attire to give them a

feeling of what that would look like. Others took it as an opportunity to have fun with it and wear something completely out of the ordinary, like an orange jumpsuit for example. It gave insight into what career path some were likely to pursue after high school.

Friday was “Dress like the 70’s Day”- wear hippie or tie-dye type clothing. Clearly, no student was born yet during the 1970s, so it was enjoyable to see each person’s interpretation of what clothing was like during that time and what the media has portrayed people to have worn.