Saanvi and the Class of 2021


Hey there Knights, it’s almost that time of year again. Graduation is just around the corner, so we took the chance to ask Saanvi about how she thinks senior year turned out for the class of 2021. Saanvi is largely in charge of putting together almost every senior event that the seniors have participated in this year, giving her a broadened knowledge of how the events went behind the scenes.

Q. How have you felt about this year and how have the senior activities went?

A. Not one word can describe this year. First-quarter feels like it didn’t even happen but with senior sunrise, it felt like things started to pick up. I think there were a fair amount of opportunities, outside of school, for seniors to hang out safely. Not a lot of seniors showed up to those events, but I had a blast with the ones that did.

Q. What were some of the unexpected or added challenges when organizing senior events this year?

A. Organizing with and for seniors is a challenge by itself because we are pretty checked out by the end of the year. What made it even more challenging was not having the beginning of the year to hype up our assemblies, other events, and set the momentum of the year. We made do with what we could but not having that shared in-person start tanked the enthusiasm a bit.

Q. What has been your favorite senior event and what made it so special?

A. My favorite senior event was definitely senior ditch day. It couldn’t have fallen on a better day to allow the seniors maximum time off from school. A majority of the seniors enjoyed their day off on the lake-kayaking, waterboarding, wave riding, tanning and just hanging out, a glimpse into summer some might say.

Q. What has been your greatest memory throughout your time at ACP?

A. Oh there are so many! My greatest memory has to be the people I’ve met. Yes, it sounds cliche but like everyone else, I met some of my best friends who were the core reason for my pleasant time at ACP.

Saanvi has done a fantastic job helping to make the class of 2021’s senior year the best it can be. Stay safe Knights, remember to Strive for the Impossible and be Extraordinary.