A Life Lesson To Not Learn The Hard way

Hey Knights, learning a lesson the hard way is not always the ideal way to learn. However, everyone has had that one situation where all logic leaves their head and as a result, something happens that ends in a lesson learned the hard way. This story is about that very situation where one innocent action turned into hours of waiting for something so minute.

This past Monday the Senior class had their annual senior ditch day, a group of hopeful seniors looking forward to spending a peaceful day at the lake. That being said, with the lake being about 40-50 minutes from where the majority live, making a trip up there was not a spur-of-the-moment event. Arriving at around eight o’clock in the morning, the plan was to spend the day swimming, hiking, and overall hanging out with your friends when you should be in school.

As the saying “What could possibly go wrong?” goes, usually, something always goes awry for one person no matter how big or small that problem may be. At around four in the afternoon, some of the seniors began to head to their cars to pack up to leave for the day- this is the moment all went wrong. Opening the trunk of your car but not unlocking the doors is a classic rookie mistake. Placing your keys down to load various items into it and closing it without a thought in your mind was the first mistake. The sinking feeling moments later realizing that you may not have your keys was the result of that very mistake. Low and behold, your keys are, in fact, in your car and you have been locked out of your car. Checking all of the doors, praying that they were unlocked was the icing on the cake for the whole situation. Then, the walk of shame back to all of your friends to say you have locked your keys in your car is a dreadful thought. However, the feeling of texting your mom that you locked your keys in your car to only receive “OMG” as the response is heart-wrenching. With the added time that you now get to spend waiting for help to unlock your car, minding this was nearly four and a half hours after the fact, you realize that all of this could have been solved if you had just unlocked your car first.

I guess you can say there’s a lesson to be learned here: always unlock your car when you’re packing things away, or you can have the lovely opportunity to sit and get bitten by mosquitoes for four hours waiting. Stay safe Knights, and remember to Strive for the Impossible and be Extraordinary!