How to Prep for AzMERIT

The annual AzMERIT test for sophomores is coming up, and students should be preparing for the statewide achievement test around this time of the year. The test measures students’ knowledge of topics such as math and language arts, and a report is released every year of the percentage of test-takers at each performance level. Students will be able to see what their scores were like compared to the average test-taker in the state of Arizona. These results and reports also provide data for teachers, and it assists them in learning guides and plans for their class. Here are some ways to prep for the AzMERIT.

1. Talk to your teacher.

Teachers are a wonderful resource for preparing for the AzMERIT. If you ask the right questions, they can give some details about the skills that you may need to work on to excel on the test. Teachers can also give you support and practice materials that you can use to practice for the test. You can also ask what kinds of projects, assignments, and readings assigned during the course are most like the material on the AzMERIT.

2. Practice at home.

There are numerous resources online that can help you prepare for standardized tests, including Khan Academy, Lumos Learning, and Time4Learning. These websites offer realistic tests and assessments that help you practice your skills in math, science, and language arts. If you have any concepts that you don’t understand, you can bring those questions to your school teachers that specialize in that study. Another good way to prepare is to watch educational videos on YouTube or Khan Academy. You can watch videos on how to execute the process of elimination and how to brush up on critical thinking skills.

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3. Stay positive.

Your mindset and attitude about the test can determine everything, including results, stress levels, and tiredness. Being optimistic about your situation and studying with a bright attitude can help you pace yourself on the actual test. Before the test, you can try meditation or breathing exercises to calm down.

4. Have a healthy breakfast.

Numerous studies have shown that students who eat breakfast have higher standardized test scores in reading and spelling compared to those who skip breakfast. It increases your energy and helps you concentrate on what you need to focus on during the testing period. Your breakfast foods should contain whole grains, fiber, and protein.

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5. Plan a study schedule.

Remember to space out your preparation sessions and plan enjoyable and relaxing activities inbetween those study sessions. Cramming in last-minute studying can lead to increased anxiety and overwhelming feelings. Those are both very unhealthy for an AzMERIT day. You can fill out a schedule on the Reminders app on your phone or an agenda. Being organized is the key.

Good luck to all sophomores for the upcoming test. You will all do great! Go, Knights!