Knights’ Women’s Wrestling at State

Knights' Women's Wrestling at State

Hey there, Knights! We have the opportunity to once again recognize a student for a great accomplishment at a competitive sport. Christina Chavez earned a fifth place finish at this year’s AIA State Girls Wrestling Tournament. This is very exciting that in the first year ACP has had a Women’s Wrestling team, one of our athletes reached state! We reached out to Christina to see what the journey throughout the season was like and how state went at the end of the season.

Q. What was it like making state in wrestling this year surrounded with all the challenges there were along the way?

A. Making state was amazing, especially for it being the girl’s team’s first year. It was both physically and mentally challenging, but I am so thankful to have Becca Stephens as a teammate. She made my first year amazing and always supported me during my matches. Being able to make it to the state helped us realize that all our hard work was worth something.  

Q. How did it feel being at state with the other state competitors?

A. Being at state surrounded by teams that have been wrestling for years was a little intimidating. It was also nice to know that there are other girl wrestlers that share the same values as your team. I know that Becca, Alexis, Marianna, and I worked extremely hard throughout the season and deserved to be there just like all the other state competitors. 


Q. What is your favorite aspect of wrestling at ACP?

A. My favorite aspect of ACP wrestling would definitely be the coaches. When I was first thinking about doing wrestling, I was terrified that the coaches would push me too hard and not care about me individually. However, from the beginning, they have always supported me and wanted the best for me, and made me feel more comfortable on the team. 

Q. What was your favorite moment from this season overall?

A. I have made so many new memories throughout my season. My team and I always made everything we were doing fun, including running hills. I think my favorite moment was at our first meet against Basha. Our coach took the four of us in the vans to Basha where we all had our first matches. We were all very nervous because we didn’t know what to expect or how we would do. We all encouraged and supported each other, and I feel after that meet, we truly became a team.

ACP is extremely proud of Christina and all of ACP’s wrestling team for the hard work they put in this season to have such a successful first season. Have a good Spring Break, Knights!  Remember to Strive for the Impossible and be Extraordinary.