2021 AMEA Honor Band Regional Audition- Sophia Berg Interview


Every year, auditions are held for all high school band and orchestra players, and those who excel and pass are handpicked to play in the AMEA (Arizona Music Educators Association) High School Regional Festival. This year, due to COVID, the auditions were held online using the OpusEvent platform in order to provide the best resemblance to a “live” performance. Users were able to record their drafts to adapt to the platform and were granted one attempt at a “live” recording. This year, ACP’s very own Sophia Berg audition and passed! Sophia will continue to be apart of the Virtual Honor Band Performance this Spring as a Bass Clarinet player. Shortly following the knowledge of her success, we asked her a few questions about her experience and future decisions to be made. 

Q: What is your background in music? At what age did you discover your love for music and how did you discover this love?

A: I first started playing when I was in first grade when my family introduced me to the piano. From there I moved to play the clarinet which I now play today.

Q: What was your routine in preparing for the audition?


A: With being in Speech and Debate, I was busy preparing for that, and in doing so I forgot about the audition, which led to me first looking at the sheet music the night before the deadline and sending in my audition late that night.

Q: Describe your emotions throughout the process of preparing, auditioning, and receiving results.

A: At first I was super nervous because I procrastinated the entire audition with having only one night to prepare. When I found out I got the first chair, I was surprised.

Q: If you’re trying out for the Arizona All-State Honor Band, how will you alter or preserve your previous preparation in order to be successful in the new audition?  

A: This time around I am planning on actually looking at and studying the music beforehand, but ultimately I might end up procrastinating again.

Sophia’s accomplishment is nothing short of outstanding. Competing against hundreds of her peers, Sophia was one of the few that were selected to continue in the Virtual Honor Band Performance. We wish her the best of luck in her future ambitions and in auditioning for the Arizona All-State Honor Band!