The Day in the Life of Junior Julie France

Taken from the  ACP Erie Facebook page.

Taken from the ACP Erie Facebook page.

With how 2020 has impacted a lot of how we live our lives, it goes without saying that the impact it has had on our education system and how students’ learning ability has been somewhat hindered. School has gone from being completely in person to being strictly online for most of the state and the country as well: it has had an effect no one saw coming. Our daily routines have been completely altered to the point where they may never return to how they were previous to Covid-19. All this being said, our students here at ACP have, to no surprise, been able to adapt and overcome to these new challenges. We asked Julie France (11th) about how her schedule has changed due to the current climate. Here’s what Julie had to say:

“2020 has heavily impacted my life, more specifically my daily routine, in regard to COVID. Attending school in-person along with sport practices used to be a part of my everyday life; now, I sit down at my desk, open my laptop to turn in my assignments and join a Zoom call to learn about service receive rotations online.

“In many ways, the online school schedule has helped me with time management and organizing my priorities. With this, though, comes little to no full understanding of concepts that I could grasp easier in-person. It definitely gets repetitious at times, but I am thankful for the alternate outcome to keep people safe.

“Mandatory masks, temperature checks, limited water breaks, closed bathrooms and cancelled practices. you name it, we’ve faced it. volleyball is a game of communication and teamwork, and without that aspect of relationships between players on and off the court, it makes it extremely difficult to “click.” Like many other student-athletes, I am disappointed that seasons have been completely shut down and practices/tournaments often cancelled, but I am grateful for the opportunity to play.”

Hearing how different life has become for many students, it is good to hear that our students here at ACP are adapting and overcoming the obstacles being thrown our way. Stay strong knights, and remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!