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As the end of the semester nears, our yearbook staff work to gather all of the memories of the quarter and put them together for us! They collect as many wonderful photos as they can and work diligently to bind them into the hardcover book we all receive at the end of the year. Chief editors, Hailey Yates and Judy Kernen, gladly obliged to give a short interview about the 2020-2021 yearbook.

Q: Is there anything that is new being added to the yearbook?

A: Yes! We have implemented interactive pieces throughout the book for students to play with. I think that part is very valuable, because we have never tried this before, and it would be fun for students to participate in the pages

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Q: How do you think this year’s yearbook will have an effect on people?

A: I believe that this year’s book will have a positive impact on the students and teachers of ACP. Our Knights will be able to reminisce the entirety of the year, as we are covering the things students did in quarantine and their feelings about online school.

Q: What do you want people to take away from this year overall using the yearbook?

A: I want people to look at this yearbook and think about how, as a school, we remained united during the difficult times of the pandemic. It also will give people a moment to realize how diverse our student population is. Individually, we are so creative and passionate about our hobbies and activities both in and out of school.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the yearbook?

A: The book is still in the works, but my favorite parts are the uniqueness of the colors we are using throughout the book and the intimate and wholesome topics that are covered in the Human Interest sections.

Thank you to Hailey and Judy for taking the time to give us a little information about this year’s edition! Make sure to purchase your yearbooks before time runs out, Knights!

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