ACP Badminton Headed to State!

ACP Badminton Headed to State!

Yet another ACP Knights sports team has proven it’s one of the best in our division! The ACP Badminton team had an impressive season going 7-4 overall. Seeing these Lady Knights claim victory on and off the court is something very inspiring to most. We asked Senior Saanvi Agrawal about her season and how it played out from an inside perspective. She had this to say.

Q. What was your initial reaction to making it all the way to state as a team?

A. I was shocked and proud of my team. I was so caught up in playing and practicing that I forgot to check our stats until one of my teammates brought it to my attention. We placed 15th in Division 2 state. which is almost twice as good as last year so a huge improvement in just one year.

Q. How has this season been different from previous seasons with the changes to how sports are run?

 A. We had a new coach this year who supported us and helped us enhance our skills. We also had a considerably small team with just nine competing players, so we were able to be much more flexible with activities when we needed to.

Q. What is your favorite aspect of the badminton team here on campus?

 A. My favorite aspect is definitely the character of the team when competing. We take our games seriously while showing great sportsmanship and representing our school well. Badminton in itself is a “nice” sport and we display that standard well.

Q. What has your favorite memory from badminton been over the years you’ve played?

A. My favorite memory has to be playing with my doubles partner Grace Phillips. We just form such a great connection, and I always looked forward to playing with her. Also being the only senior on the team this year, my teammates made sure to plan the perfect senior night which I will look back on with great happiness.

Q. Does the team have any traditions they do before games or during practice?

A. While we don’t label this as a tradition, we do get a chance to check up on each either while putting up nets. We also have out chant. which is “Knights on me, Knights on 3, 1… 2… 3… Knights!” Lead by me in recent years. We also occasionally braid each other’s hair on long bus rides.

Well, Knights, that’s the spirit of ACP bringing athletes together and forming friendships that will last for a long time. Stay safe Knights and remember the Strive for the Impossible and be Extraordinary!